Aboriginal art at Melbourne Museum

When I am looking for materials for teaching, I quite often come across articles, videos or resources that I think are interesting to read for my own personal development or for use in class, but they either don´t fit into a larger topic, or I don´t have time to make a larger topic based on them as yet. So I thought I would add them in this blog, alongside my thoughts on them and/or on how they can be used. 

I thought I´d start off by telling about the painting on the start page of this website. I took the photo in the Melbourne Museum last July. It was hanging on the wall outside the entrance to the Bunjilaka Cultural Centre (https://museumvictoria.com.au/bunjilaka/). It appealed to me mainly because I love animals and animal paintings, and because I love the colours. To me the strong orange colour really captures the orange of the land I saw when I visited Uluru (photo on the right).

The painting was part of a temporary exhibit called Yannae Wirrate Weelam – The Journey Home. It was a collection of paintings done through The Torch Project, which runs painting workshops and courses for Aboriginal people in prison. The artwork they produce is truly stunning. On their website, you can see some of their amazing paintings: http://thetorch.org.au.

Here´s a news report about the project and the exhibition,


and another photo of a painting in the exhibition that I really liked: