Literature List – Multicultural Week NTNU

This page contains a list of links to useful articles for working on academic essays and other projects about indigenous peoples (especially Sami). It is primarily designed for students in Multicultural Week at NTNU, but will be updated and expanded later.

Some links are in Norwegian and some in English. If you are looking for a specific topic or an article in a specific language that is not on the list, let me know. I have many more available! 

Indigenous peoples in curriculum and textbooks:

Olsen T (2018) «Urfolk» og «mangfold» i skolens læreplan

Eriksen, K (2018) Teaching About the Other in Primary Level Social Studies: The Sami in Norwegian Textbooks

Eriksen, K (2018) The indigenous Sami citizen and Norwegian national identity: tensions in curriculum discourses

Olsen T (2017) Colonial Conflicts: Absence, Inclusion and Indigenization in Textbook Presentations of Indigenous Peoples in Lewis, Andreassen & Thobro (2017) Textbook Violence

Lund, R (2016) Searching for the Indigenous: Urfolk i engelskverket Searching in Askeland & Aamotsbakken (2016) Folk uten land?


Reaidu – nettside laget av Universitet i Tromsø. Mye informasjon om samisk kultur og historie. Målgruppa: lærerstudenter.

Samisk myteknuser – nettsiden tar opp flere av fordommer mot samer og gir fakta

Minde, H (2005) Assimilation of the Sami – Implementation and Consequences

Berg-Nordlie, M (2016) The governance of urban indigenous spaces: Norwegian Sámi examples

Bjerki & Selle (2006) Samepolitikkens utvikling (flere artikler her er av interesse)

Sørdal (2018) Nomino (kapittel om fornorskning)


Smith, L (2012) Decolonizing Methodology (the first chapters are most relevant)




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